Do you want to look great in comfortable clothes that really reflect your personality?

Do you want to own a wardrobe that is stylish and appropriate for your lifestyle?

Take the guess work out of getting dressed, call Phoenix Personal Shopper, and follow our simple 4-step approach.

Step 1

A member of our staff will meet with you to understand the demands of your day, what activities you engage in and determine what types of clothing you really need. 

Step 2

We will evaluate your current wardrobe to see what is working well, what should be added or replaced, and what should be eliminated.  

Step 3

Phoenix Personal Shopper can either shop with you or shop for you to round out your current wardrobe. Appropriate and tasteful pieces can be added to provide clothing options that are functional and flexible.

Step 4

Future seasonal clothing updates are offered by Phoenix Personal Shopper to keep your wardrobe up-to-date and working for you.


In-Home Wardrobe Evaluation

  • Meeting to discuss lifestyle needs and wardrobe goals
  • Entire wardrobe survey to evaluate current clothing, donate outdated items and make a list of needed items

In-Home Closet Organization

  • Entire closet space overhaul
  • Organizational system for suits, shirts, trousers, sweaters, casual clothes, shoes, ties and accessories
  • Moth and dust proof storage solutions
  • Utilization of space-saving equipment
  • Clothing maintenance systems

Individual Personal Shopping Service

  • Selection and delivery of needed wardrobe pieces
  • Special event dressing available
  • Alteration service available for additional fee
  • Pick up and processing of any store returns
  • Record of existing wardrobe and purchases maintained to aid in future wardrobe planning
  • Seasonal evaluation and updating available

Shopping Excursion

  • Half or full day shopping trip
  • Personal consultation on-site during selection of clothing and accessories
  • Knowledge of what to look for in garment construction, fabrication, color/pattern and clothing appropriateness
  • Bargain shopping tips and tricks
  • Alteration services available for additional fee
  • Pick up and processing of any store returns

Express Emergency Service

  • Unexpected circumstance clothing solutions (funeral/job interview/last-minute trip)
  • Personal consultation and same-day selection of clothing and accessories
  • Quick alterations and delivery of items

To schedule and appointment for any of these services call Phoenix Personal Shopper at 480-459-9022 or Email Us!